Is It Too hotIn Your Upstairs Rooms?

Then you need additional roof ventilation installed!

Lower the cost of your cooling bill

and make it coo
ler in your home, especially in the upstairs rooms of your house this summer!

Then save tons on your electric bill continuously after installation from now on every spring thru fall!


Temperatures can reach up to 160 degrees in your attic!

Excessive heat can damage the wood rafters; roof decking; cause nails to come loose (nail pops) from extreme temperature variation causing excess contraction & expansion of wood; premature shingle failure; cracks in drywall tape joints; damage stored things in attic; even promote fires!

We will install a new electric powered roof vent from scratch, or replace an existing burnt out power vent including hooking up the electricity to it! The labor is typically around $275.00

The power vent we recommended for most power vent installations is:
Item #: 185575 (at Lowe's) Model #: RV28WW.

Also, we install the "Master Flow" power attic ventilator. < click

Turbine vents are also a very excellent choice for additional ventilation such as the:
Master Flow Chimneys & Roof Ventilation 14 in.
< click  They do almost as well as power vents. 

Simple static vents, turtlebacks, or ridge vents do not provide near enough ventilation. Shingled type or metal type ridge vents are both leak prone and do not provide very efficient ventilation. Originally, ridge vents were designed for the sole purpose of providing ventilation for vaulted (cathedral) ceilings. But if you have an open attic type designed roof structure, power vents, or turbine vents are much more effective at removing hot air from attics than ridge vents, etc..

We guarantee our power vent and turbine vent installations for at least two years not to leak, etc.  (Length of guarantee sometimes depends on the condition of the surrounding shingles).

Really with few exceptions, every home should have additional roof ventilation installed!
So what are you waiting for----give us a call!

Note: Sources of air intake such as gable end vents, soffit (eve) vents, etc. are required for power vents to function efficiently.


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Warning:  Do not allow an electrician, homeowner, or other un-skilled person to install your new vents on the roof surface for you. This would be very dangerous for him, and the new vents would probably leak; not function properly; etc..